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Brian Oliver 
From your first dance, to the last song of the night, your music is mixed live. Anything less and you should have just hired a ipod.
Blake Oliver  - DJ Trainee
I guess if I can't do your wedding, you could always book him. I must warn you though, he is high maintenance and very demanding! 
Brian Oliver
     I have been a DJ here in the Wheeling area since I was 14 years old. I started doing middle school dances and birthday parties. I still laugh till this day that my dad had to drive me to my first wedding reception. I live, eat, and breath the DJ world. I am always thinking outside the box on how to make not only myself better but the industry as a whole. I participate in forums, conventions, and read as many books as possible to better myself and provide a better experience for your guests. 
    When I am not helping brides before or on their big day, I spend as much time with my kids as possible. Blake and Milyn (my children) are normally home with Joelle (my wife) all week, but when we get time off, we spend it in a pool, fishing, or going to the park.  

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